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Auto Insurance in Colorado

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Auto insurance is the best protection you can have when you get into your car. This coverage financially protects you whether someone vandalizes your vehicle or you are involved in an accident.

The Nick Hammer Agency helps Colorado drivers with auto policies that provide a layer of protection from property, liability and medical costs that can occur. We can also help you find a policy that’s right for you.

What Auto Insurance Is Required by Law?

Colorado vehicle owners are required to have liability insurance. This insurance is crucial, but other insurance coverages are also beneficial.

Liability insurance may help pay for the losses of the other driver and anyone else injured or harmed if you are at fault. The two main components of liability insurance are:

  • Liability insurance may help pay for the losses of the other driver and anyone else injured or harmed if you are at fault. The two main components of liability insurance are
  • Bodily injury liability coverage may pay for third-party medical bills and sometimes for death benefits.
  • Property damage liability coverage may pay for damage to the other person’s property
  • Collision insurance may cover damage to your vehicle sustained in an accident or collision with an object.
  • Comprehensive insurance may pay for non-accident damage, such as weather damage, fires, theft, vandalism or other occurrences.
  • MedPay coverage may help pay for medical expenses for injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of who is at fault and funeral expenses.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance might help cover damages if someone who doesn’t have appropriate liability coverage caused an accident that resulted in bodily injuries or property damage to you.


You might also benefit from additional types of coverage such as rental reimbursement, roadside assistance and glass coverage. We can discuss your coverage needs and help customize a policy for your specific needs.

How Do Auto Insurance Deductibles Work?

An auto insurance deductible is what you have to pay toward your vehicle repairs before your insurance will pay the rest of your claim. Deductibles are applicable only on specific types of coverage and claims—and deductibles usually apply to each separate claim, which means you’re responsible for paying the deductible each time there’s a claim.

You can save money on your insurance by increasing your deductible. Generally, you can lower your insurance premium if you have a higher deductible. We can help you get a policy that works for your wallet.

How Do Auto Insurance Claims Work?

You should file a claim with your insurer if you have an accident and need financial help. After your insurer investigates your accident, they will generally give you money to help cover your costs, but you must pay your deductible; you can pay your deductible first, or your insurer can issue your claim check with your deductible subtracted from it.

There isn’t a limit on how many claims you can file with your insurance company, but they might choose to cancel or deny renewal of your policy if you file excessive claims.

Get Affordable Auto Coverage

The Nick Hammer Agency of Littleton, Colorado, can help you find an affordable car insurance policy. Call us at 303-904-1552 to get the coverage you need.

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